Park Lead Feature

Interrupted mid-conversation? Need longer to enter all of your notes? Park your lead and finish up at a more convenient time for you

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The Park Lead feature can be added to the Zuant Menu and E-Z Touch, or even as a button on your form. It allows users to quickly "park" a lead to re-visit later without having to submit it. This is a very useful tool for during those busy periods at the booth where several visitors may need to be scanned in quick succession.

1. You can park a lead at any time to save what you have so far and return to it later

2. Tap the plus button at the bottom of the form to open the menu and choose ‘Park Lead’

3. Your lead will be saved and you will be navigated back to the first page of your form to capture a new lead. A yellow triangle will appear at the top of the lead count (next your name) to show that you have parked leads

Here is a video demonstrating how it works.

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