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How do I un-park Parked Leads in the Zuant App?
How do I un-park Parked Leads in the Zuant App?

I have parked leads on my device that need to be synched

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At the end of a busy day on the show floor capturing leads, you may have a number of parked leads that you need to complete and un-park so that they can be synched up to the Zuant Cloud. A yellow triangle in the "Leads" section of the top toolbar in the event form lets you know that there are parked leads for you to review.

You can un-park your leads directly from the event form within the Zuant App.

Step 1

Tap the lead count in the top toolbar. This is the section that says "Leads", along with the number of leads you have captured

Step 2

Select the middle column labeled 'Parked Leads'.  In here you will see a list of all currently parked leads for the logged in user.

Step 3

Tap on the lead you wish to un-park. This will take you back into the form to view the information already captured for this lead

Step 4

Make sure that you complete the parked lead by entering any additional information into the fields. Make sure that you hit Submit once you are done in order to un-park the lead

Once all your parked leads have been submitted, the yellow triangle in the 'Leads' section of the toolbar will disappear.

Step 5

Sync your device. You'll need to re-sync to push your updates to the Zuant Cloud.

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