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Contact/Company Search
Contact/Company Search

Search for Contact or Company information that you have loaded into your account, or from leads you have previously captured

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1. Tap the “Search” box. You need to enter a minimum of three letters for the search to run

2. You can then choose to search for a person or a company. The app will search for Companies by default. Tap “Contacts” to search for a person.

3. When searching for a person, tap their name from the “Contacts” list, and their information will populate the form

4. When searching for company data, tap “Companies” and choose the company from the list. You can then add a new lead for an existing person at the company, or add a new person with the existing company details. Existing company details, such as company name and address, are automatically populated into the form.

5. This will populate all of the pre-loaded company information into your form so that you can add a new contact without filling out every field each time

Click below to view the PDF guide with videos

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