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Menu Features & Functions

What features can I add to the Zuant Menu to enhance the lead capture process?

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You can access the menu via the + button and also by pressing and holding anywhere on screen!

Capture Image: Tapping the camera icon will allow you to capture an image quickly.

Park lead: The โ€˜Pโ€™ button allows you to park a lead for later completion. A yellow triangle on the lead list indicates that you have parked leads

Showroom: Tapping the picture frame icon navigates you to the Content Showroom, where you can view and send your collateral

Notes: Tapping the pencil icon will bring up the Notes dialogue so you can add comments to the lead. You can use speech-to-text to transcribe your notes if you like!

Pick A Winner: Run a prize draw and select a winner from all leads collected

Submit: Tapping the tick submits your lead

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