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Got a hot lead that needs immediate follow-up? Send it over to a colleague instantly from the Zuant App

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The Email Hot Lead feature can be added to the Zuant Menu and E-Z Touch to allow your users to forward hot leads to a colleague via email directly from within the app. This means immediate follow-up while the lead is still hot, and the conversation is still fresh in the visitor's mind.

The User will have the option to attach a pre-defined template from your Thank You Emails list in Zuant Cloud, and also to add a personal note to the email if they wish, giving more detail to the lead data that's attached.

1. Tap on the plus icon at the bottom of the screen to open the menu. Then, tap the paper plane icon to send your email

2. Enter the recipient/s email address in the 'to' field

3. Type your message

4. If you want to use an email template that is already set up in your account, tap '+' in the template field and select the template you would like to use

5. Select 'Save'

6. The email will be sent once the lead is submitted and synced

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