Real-time reporting

View reports in the Zuant Cloud as soon as data arrives!

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You can review and share your event success in real-time via Zuant Cloud.

Login to the Zuant Cloud and click on the event you wish to view reports for.  From here you'll see various charts for your questions as well as user reports to show peak times of day and who is capturing the most leads.

Change the chart type by click the three dots and choosing an option from the dropdown.  

'View Grid Data' will take you through to the associated list of leads.  Click an option on the chart to set a filter against the lead grid selection.  By default, not all columns will appear in the grid, you can change this by selecting the 'Grid columns' icon.  Export the leads by clicking 'Download data.'

You can customize your report by selecting 'Show report builder sidebar' within the floating plus icon. Set your desired date range and switch off any charts you don't want to be included.  Once you're happy with your report, click the floating icon again and 'View printable page.' You can then print the report as a pdf. 

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