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Why is scanning not working?
Why is scanning not working?

Badge scanning and business card scanning issues tackled

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Permitting Zuant to use camera

Zuant requires your permission to use the device camera. The first time you scan you will see a pop-up asking for access to the camera – make sure you tap ‘okay’. If you accidentally hit ‘Don’t allow’ then simply follow these steps to enable access.

  • Go to your devices’ settings

  • Tap on the ‘Privacy’ tab > Camera

  • You should see Zuant listed with a toggle switch, tap this so it’s green

Barcode data not populating

If the camera is scanning barcodes but not pulling in the information as expected, there could be some other issue. If you have been set up with an API badge kit then you will need constant connectivity to the internet in order to pull down the full contact information in to Zuant. This is because Zuant has to ‘talk’ to the registration company's server to retrieve the lead data and cannot complete this action without internet.

If you do have access to the internet but are still having issues with scanning then please contact your account manager or email support. If you can take a clear picture of the badges that you are scanning and send it to your account manager then this will help aid them in resolving your issue.

Please note: scanning uses the built-in device camera, iPad 2's can struggle to scan as the camera is not self-focusing. We recommend using an iPad 3 or newer as their camera's are much better.

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