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It's taking some time to sync, why?
It's taking some time to sync, why?

Is your device syncing slowly

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Volume of data

You may have a lot of data loaded into your account, either through pre-
registration lists, your CRM data or possibly you have a lot of literature, videos and/or images. However, after the first initial sync on your device, it will be much faster thereafter.

Internet Speeds

Internet speeds can vary drastically (especially at a tradeshow venue) and so it's always advised to sync your device on a strong office or home wifi before hitting the road.

Steps to take

Ensure you leave the device with the screen set to never sleep and wait for the sync to finish. You can ask your Account Manager to remove any data which is no longer needed to help speed up your sync process.

So long as the overall sync percentage is increasing, things will be chugging away in the background.

If sync appears to be stuck, please contact support.

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