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Do you provide training on the Zuant App?
Do you provide training on the Zuant App?

What training/information does Zuant provide to help train the users?

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We are dedicated to ensuring that you and your team are confident in using the Zuant App before you go to your first event, and will provide online training as part of your onboarding. We will also provide ongoing online training at your request whenever this is needed so that new users receive the same support, and current users can get a refresher or learn about new features.

We have put together a Comprehensive Training Guide with instructions and videos that covers everything you need to know about the app and how to use it. Please save this to your bookmarks and circulate with anyone in the team who you think might need it! This guide is also embedded in the "Training" section of the app menu if anyone needs help there and then on the show floor!

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