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Why can’t I log into the Zuant app?
Why can’t I log into the Zuant app?

Difficulty signing into the Zuant app

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In order to log into the app, you must be issued with a username and password. If you need this to be set up, you can contact your line manager or dedicated Zuant Customer Success Manager for assistance.

If you are set up user login and are experiencing issues, then please review the below:

  1. Internet Connection

    You must be connected to the internet in order to log into the app for the first time (once you have logged in you do not need to remain connected, just ensure you connect again at the end of the day to ‘sync’).

  2. Check your password

    Check for any spelling errors, and make sure that the characters are correctly typed - the passwords are case sensitive.

  3. Reset Password

    If you've forgotten your password altogether, you can reset it via the following link:

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