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How much does badge scanning cost?
How much does badge scanning cost?

Information about the cost of badge scanning at your events

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Please note: The cost of badge scanning is completely independent from Zuant - we do not have a say in this cost. Once you have approved us to do so, we order the badge kit on your behalf and then invoice this on to you at cost.

The cost of badge scanning varies depending on:

  • The company providing lead retrieval at the event

  • The event organisers

  • The geographical location of the event

US-based events generally offer badge kits ranging from anywhere between free and $1,500.

Events around the rest of the world are a little more difficult to predict, and seem to be more expensive than in the US at present.

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will be able to help gather this information for you so that you can make a decision about whether or not you would like to purchase badge scanning for a specific event.

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