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Is badge scanning available at all events?
Is badge scanning available at all events?
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Our team will happily check badge scanning availability for you ahead of time. If you have the information available at the beginning of the year, it is helpful if you can provide the full list of shows that you are attending where you would like badge scanning. Getting a head start on this means that you can budget accordingly and brief your team on which events will be using badge scanning and which ones will be business card/pre-registration list etc only.

Unfortunately, not all events have badge scanning available. The decision to make badge scanning available to third parties is solely dependent on the event organisers.

Geographical location of the event also plays a big part in the availability of badge scanning.

Badge scanning is often available for US events, however there are some occasions where this is not the case, for example at smaller 'table-top' events.

Although badge scanning is becoming more widely available in Europe, there are still restrictions due to data-privacy in some areas, so this is much less common. We rarely (if ever) see badge scanning available within the APAC region currently.

Regardless of location, we are happy to contact the event organisers for you and let you know what options are available. Badge scanning is becoming more popular on the whole, so it always makes sense to reach out!

If badge scanning is not available at your event, then there are other options for capturing contact details, such as our OCR Business Card Scanning feature or via pre-loading Zuant with your CRM/customer data. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will talk you through these options and help you to find the one that is most suitable on a per-event basis.

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