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Remove the worry of leads not being synced after a show with our new Sync Safety Notification!

The Sync Safety notification in the Zuant app means your Show Workers will always be notified when they have leads which have not been synced yet; this is super handy for when they've been working offline at an event.  Nothing will be missing from your lead report at the end of a show, and no rental devices will be handed back without all leads being accounted for.

A pop-up will appear on the home screen, letting you know about any unsynced leads on the device.  

What if my Show Workers forget where to go to sync?

No worries, simply tap the sync icon for the process to kickstart. 

Not only can you sync directly from the home screen, but you can also sync within the Leads List saving you time navigating to the Sync Center.   The Zuant app does automatically sync in the background, but sometimes you may want to kickstart it there and then.  Simply tap on the sync icon and wait for 100%.

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