Thank You Email Reporting

Gain insight on how your Thank You Emails are performing

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In the Zuant Cloud you have the ability to monitor the performance of the thank you email which was sent for your event. This includes how many emails were sent, opened, clicked and failed.

The Dashboard shows a numerical value for each, as well as the percentage in relation to the total number of emails sent for the event:

  • Sent = Total number of emails sent for the event

  • Opened = Unique number of emails opened 

  • Clicked = Unique number of recipients that have clicked through

  • Failed = Number of emails that could not be delivered (usually due to soft bounces or incorrect email addresses)

Here's how:

First, open the event you wish to view the Thank You Email reports for and scroll to the bottom of the Dashboard until you reach 'Email Performance'.

You can change the chart type by clicking the three dots and toggling between a bar chart, line chart or a table. 

As well as changing the chart type, you can drill down and export the leads relevant to the chart by clicking 'View Data'

From here, you can set your filters and view the lead data. 

Once you've finished setting your filters, you can quickly export the leads relating to the filters you have set. For example, you may want to only export the leads which have clicked through.

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