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Managing Parked Leads in Zuant Cloud
Managing Parked Leads in Zuant Cloud
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To manage parked leads that have synced to the cloud, first select a form and navigate to the lead grid.  If there are any parked leads you will see a P icon with a yellow triangle indicating there are some parked leads. Clicking that button will open the parked lead grid.

This grid works in the same way as the main lead grid with the addition of a few validation features.

The first column is a lead validation column. At a glance this column shows you which leads are currently invalid and require your attention before you can submit them.

As you scroll across the grid you will find required field cells highlighted in red to help you identify where the validation issues are.  Just as in the app, you can't submit/unpark a parked lead if there are missing required fields.

You will notice as you make edits to cells that the row will become highlighted.  This is to indicate to you which rows have unsaved changes.  As soon as you save your changes they will automatically return to their normal state.

Finally, when you are happy with all your edits, you can highlight the leads you wish to submit and click the submit button in the top toolbar.  You can also delete any leads you don't wish to submit.

Once you close the park lead grid you will find the leads you submitted in the main lead grid. Their data will also now show up in the reports.

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