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How to set up a Thank You Email
How to set up a Thank You Email

Utilize Zuant Cloud to create Thank You Emails in plain text or html

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You can create an email which is sent automatically to your visitors, thanking them for their time and providing them with further information and links to any literature selected during the lead capture process. Set up a new email for each event using HTML or plain text, or clone an existing email.

Step 1 - Zuant Cloud:

Sign into and click 'EMAILS' on the dashboard

Step 2 - Create or Clone:

Click the '+' to add a new email template and give it a name. You can also select ‘Clone’ and choose one of the pre-made TYEs created by your CSM and simply update the subject and any other details accordingly.

Step 3 - Edit: 

Enter the email subject line and press Save. You're now ready to begin creating the content. 

Click 'Editor' in the top toolbar and start building your email.

If you already have html which you would like to use, click 'Source' in the toolbar and paste in your html.  Revert back to the preview editor by clicking 'Source' again. 

Merge fields

Add merge fields to your Thank You Email to pull in lead information and make it more personal.

Merge fields available in Zuant are:







Inject Literature

Add a “literature inject” to pull in the links to the Showroom Content selected for each lead. The visitor can then click to view and download the content after the show

Step 4 - Save and Test:

Make sure you save your changes and tag the email to the event form/s!

Remember to test the email and ensure all merge fields and hyperlinks are working as they should. Submit a test lead in the Zuant app using your email address to see how the email will look to your customers.

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