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Getting started with Zuant Track & Trace
Getting started with Zuant Track & Trace

How to create Zuant Pinpoint Posters

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Create a Zuant Pinpoint QR Poster

To get the ball rolling, sign into and create your first Zuant Pinpoint poster. The posters consist of a QR Code which allows customers to scan them using their own device. After scanning the poster, the customer completes their contact details and submits the form. When the customer leaves your establishment, they simply scan an exit poster.

Note: You'll need to create separate posters for entry and exit points.

Creating an Entry Poster 👇

Creating an Exit Poster

Once you've created your entry poster for a site, you'll then need to create an exit poster.

Print the posters and place them in the correct locations. You can create as many pinpoint posters as you need. Keep in mind, if you need to capture details of customers for different sites, you'll need to create a new 'Site name' for each establishment.

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