Zuant integrates via an API with both Salesforce and Eloqua, the marketing automation platform from Oracle.  We can also integrate with other platforms such as; Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot via HTTP post.

Our concept of Integration Machines gives you the ability to build up field mapping relationships between Zuant and the third party form/object in a simple drag-drop interface, this is all configured in our web portal.

Want your data to flow immediately into your third party platform?

Simple! Your events can be set for automatic release, allowing your valuable data to arrive in your platform quicker.  If your devices are working online, the data will flow through instantly or as soon as they have an internet connection again.

Want to be able to review your data before it gets pushed to your desired platform?

No problem either!  Set your event for manual release and review your data in Zuant Cloud.  From here, you'll have full control over which leads to release.  

For more information regarding how to integrate Zuant with your desired system, please speak with your dedicated Account Manager or shoot us a message. 

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