Being able to maximise time day to day is key and split screen multitasking does just that.  It allows you to have multiple apps running alongside each other, making your workflow seamless when transitioning between apps.

Zuant's iOS app now supports multitasking, to make use of this first check you have it enabled on your iOS device via Settings > Home Screen & Dock > Multitasking. Then toggle on the three options within the Multitasking option (Allow Multiple Apps, Picture in Picture and Gestures). 🔛

The apps you would like to split between need to be launched and within your iOS dock at the bottom.   Have an app already open, then press and hold an app icon from the dock and drag it to the side of the screen. You can change the app ratio by dragging the bar in the middle from 50:50 to 25:75 split.

Here's a few examples of how we use split screen mode.   When receiving edits or new forms to create from colleagues, it's much easier having the changes up on screen whilst being in the in-app editor.

Rather than firing up a phone to look over the setup, it's great to be able to quickly check the layout on the iPad by switching to 25:75 ratio. 🙌

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