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Event Dashboard Reporting
Event Dashboard Reporting
Easily gather higher level reports across your events
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Being able to compare and analyse leads across events over time is important.  With the Lead Reporting Chart & Event Overview Export on the Events Dashboard you can quickly gain insight into your overall lead statistics.  Here's how! 👇

Lead Reporting Chart

Change the chart view by tapping the three dots and selecting either: day, week, month, quarter or year.  Once you've selected your view, set your desired date range.

You can export the statistics by clicking the three dots again and hitting
'Export csv' option.  The export will change depending on the criteria you have set on the chart. 

Event Overview Export

You can also easily export your Event Dashboard by taking the following steps. Click the three dots in the toolbar and navigate to 'Download Event Stats'.

This will provide you with a complete overview of your account.  The number of events with leads, the total number of leads and total number of parked leads.

You can change the date range for the export by clicking the filters tab and setting the range prior to hitting export.  

More information on Event specific reporting can be found via the following help article:  Real-time Event Reporting.

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