• Textbox
  • Text area
  • Drawing Box
  • Signature Box
  • Multiple Choice List
  • Multiple Choice Row
  • Single Choice List
  • Single Choice Row
  • Grid
  • Lookup Textbox
  • Search Textbox
  • Search Results
  • Summary Box
  • Back & Next Buttons
  • Label

Create the perfect lead capture form with a combination of the above widgets - here's how;

Step 1: Access Zuant Form Editor

Log into the Zuant app, and remember to reach 100% overall progress in the Sync Center before and after you make changes! This will pull your account configuration down to the device, and/or push any changes you make up to the cloud.

Step 2: Enter Edit Mode

Enter the relevant form within your 'EVENTS' list and tap 'EDIT' in the top toolbar.

Step 3: Select your widget

Whether it be a multiple choice list to add your product selections to, or a lookup text box for assigning leads to salespeople - once you've decided on your widget, either double tap or press and drag it into the form.

Step 4: Add your caption

You'll be sent straight to the widget settings to add your caption, for example..  "Which products are you interested in finding out more about?" 

Step 5: Specify your answer values (if applicable)

If you're creating a Multi/Single Choice Widget, you'll need to head into 'List items' to enter each answer value.

Step 6: Done! 😏 

Now you've added your first Widget! You're free to adjust the layout and then Save & Close, before synchronising to 100% via the 'Sync Center'.

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