The most common use of buttons within a Zuant form is to create a 'Scan Business Card' option, or an extra 'Submit' button for fast lead capture. All possible functions of a button are listed below. 

Set up is fairly simple - enter Edit Mode on your selected form within the in-app editor on an iPad. On the 'Widgets' frame, you'll find the 'Button' widget at the top of the screen - this can be double tapped or pressed and dragged onto the page. The widget settings will pop up straight away, allowing you to input the caption you wish to appear on your button. You then need to select the last option - "Button action" to choose where this button will take you. Now hit "Done" (top right) and you're ready to move/resize the widget to your liking.

  • New Contact
  • Open Camera Overlay
  • Capture Business Card
  • OCR Scan Business Card
  • Display Showroom
  • Park Lead
  • Compose Message
  • Open Notes
  • Submit Form
  • Pick a Winner
  • Navigate Somewhere

Top Tip: Why not add a 'Showroom' button? This might prompt the less enthusiastic show workers to choose some pieces of collateral for their leads!

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