When you're speaking with a prospect, your conversation flows in a different direction to the one you had 5 minutes ago. Different leads have different needs. This is where Zuant’s branching logic comes into play. You are able to create a path through a questionnaire that’s rooted from an answer to a single choice question. 

There are many steps to setting up; so grab a cup of tea, and sit yourself in a quiet corner for this one!

The below instructions will help you set up two branches to a questionnaire that then bring you back to a shared path afterwards. You can apply this logic to as many different paths/branches as you like. 

Before you begin adding any branching logic to your form via the in-app editor (you'll need an iPad!), you must first create all the possible pages of your form. A top tip to make this set up far easier would be to create a flow chart (much like the one above) so that the branching logic you wish to apply is clear in your mind. Though very simplistic, the above branching style is a great starting point to get a feel for the set up involved;

  1. Now you're ready to head back into Edit Mode and choose the 'Widgets' option from the left panel. You will see the option for "Back & next button" at the bottom of the screen, which you can double tap to apply to all pages of your form. Once added you can tap on both arrows on any form page to adjust the positioning to suit your layout.
  2. Next step, go to the 'Form' frame in the left hand panel, then
    Form Settings>Advanced-General>Disallow manual scrolling. Once toggled, you will need to navigate through the questionnaire via the back and next buttons only, which is a necessity for branching forms.
  3. Now we want to mould the chosen paths depending on the answers to your branching question. One rule to remember, is that the branching question MUST be single choice. Tap on the branching question to access it's settings via the top right hand cog. You will see the "List items" option where you initially added your responses. Re-enter this, tap on each option arrow (far right of each item) and then you will see "Action:". Assign the action "Navigate somewhere..." to the page you wish this specific option to lead to. Repeat for ALL options - this is crucial to ensure seamless branching. 
  4. You'll be pleased to know this is the last step to set up, but an important one, and you need to think about the route each path will take. Each "Next" arrow either needs to be directed to a branching question (to be told where to go next) or itself be pointed at the correct 'Next Page'. For our simple example, we only need to alter the "Next" arrow button on the branching question page. To do this, tap on the right hand arrow widget, enter it's settings via the top right hand cog, select "Navigate Somewhere" and make sure it is "using answer to" your branching question.  

The key to set up is trialling as you go! Save and close out of edit mode after making a change to check it's all flowing in the way you would like.

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